How long does it take from buying a Conexus Tuition franchise to actually leaving in the classroom?

The Journey from Classroom to Boardroom

When teachers or TAs look to a franchise as a means of starting out as an entrepreneur, striking out into the world of business but with the safety net of an experienced support team, the two headings under which most of their initial questions sit are these topic headings: Time and Money.

Most of the questions asked by a prospective candidate for a franchise start with:

  • How long..? 
  • When..? 
  • At what point..?

On the one hand, having prudent and reasonable questions sitting around timescales for the sake of planning are sensible; I will endeavour to shape some understanding of the processes and work involved in setting up your Conexus.


On the other hand, I will not be able to answer the unrealistic, anxiety ridden ‘need for reassurance’ types of questions which want guarantees that I am simply not in a position to give.

The answered regarding time are really is down to you

You drive the speed or the time within which you can exit a classroom with a Conexus Tuition Franchise.  It is your input that decides when you will get a return on your investment. It is down to you when you: break even, make a profit or can afford to become non-operational within your business. I cannot tell you how much money you will have in your new business bank account on the 21st of November 2025!

You enter into a franchise arrangement, secure and safe in the knowledge that you are buying a business opportunity that is driven by you, supported by a huge network and Head Office team, but fundamentally, the success lies with you.

I can give you some average expectations based upon previous performances in our existing cohort and we share those with you if you are invited to one of our Discovery Days.

But there are things I can tell you

Deciding to join our network is a mutual decision. It is one based upon a theory of ‘best fit’ and prequalified circumstances. We have clear criteria under which we will consider granting a franchise to an individual.

Doing the digging, your research and ‘stalking’ phase

The research, your consideration and decision-making process can be as long as you want it to be before you actually commit to enquiring and applying to join our network. Franchisees can spend weeks and months, reading our material, going back to our website, researching other opportunities. 

This is not an overnight decision.

So, in the first instance I cannot even give you a timescale on how long you could’ve been already considering this until you enter into our onboarding process. It can be 10 days or 10 months!

A typical journey would look something like

  1. You download our Prospectus 
  1. You complete our Expression of Interest form
  1. You are invited to attend a Conexus Tuition Discovery Day  which is a mutual getting to know you process. A day spent with our team and fellow franchisees, where you are given real insight into the business opportunity.
  1. You are then invited for an interview typically at our Head Office or online.
  1. After a successful interview you pay a 10% deposit & what we call an ITP (an Intent to Proceed)
  1. You will then receive your Franchise Agreement and have 30 days to seek legal clarification before signing it.
  1. On signing you pay the remainder of your franchise fee.

And then, and only then with the great news that you’ve been accepted into a network, does the real work begin of the behind-the-scenes building of the business. This involves a combination of yourself and head office working to create a compliant business structure ready for you to be invited to our Head Office Training Days.

On successful completion of all the training both online, face-to-face and ensuring that you have completed the on boarding checklist are you given permission to launch.

Your exit from the classroom

On average, it takes four months from the moment we grant you permission to join our network to actually being given permission to trade as a Conexus Franchisee. The amount of time you take beforehand in the decision-making process is entirely at your behest.

But you can see this is no quick fix.

At that point, you can see how well this is taking place, you’re still in the classroom. 

You can remain in that classroom whilst your business launches.

I cannot then determine at what point you break even with your classes. I cannot determine at what point you enter into a profit with any of your in school projects.-That is up to you. That is a direct correlation of the time, energy and commitment you put into your business. 

We give you the tools you put in the graft.

That is why I cannot make guarantees in terms of when you will get a return on your investment, when you are going to profit.

But what I can tell you is coming on board takes time and you are looking at an average four months. When you leave the classroom is down to you. You will leave teaching but with a seesaw effect that keeps you in the classroom part-time if that is what you want.

But what all of this does, the building of the business,the light at the end of the tunnel provides for you a phenomenal opportunity, to take all of your skills that you have learnt in the classroom and within the education sphere and apply them to the world of business.

You will leave the classroom but you will stay in education.

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