To buy or not to buy a franchise?

That is the question!

When you start your own business there are many routes to entry which are available to the burgeoning business owner.

You can’t start from scratch and you can do it all yourself or you can choose to form a partnership with a franchisor like myself and enter the market that way.

Either route requires:

  1. Startup capital and sustainable funding
  1. Knowledge and understanding of business compliance and the legalities that sit around the tuition sector
  1. Marketing strategy and materials
  1. A business and launch plan
  1. Business acumen and a resilient mindset 
  1. Time, research and knowledge 

1. Startup capital and sustainable funding

In every business, you need startup capital in order to launch and often there are many hidden costs that only present themselves at a point of need when you have started trading.

Whilst budgets can be managed, all businesses begin with capital investment in order to help their business start, grow and scale.

Whether you do this yourself or buy into a franchise you will need money to start a business.

I see the franchise fee; the initial buy in fee or cost of a franchise as that initial investment for your startup. As such you should ensure that the franchise fee covers everything you need to start immediately.

So the question is:  What are you getting for your initial £8000 franchise fee with a Conexus Tuition?

2. Knowledge and understanding of business compliance and the legalities that sit around the tuition sector.

This for me is the be all and end all. You are buying the security and peace of mind that the business we are building with you is completely compliant. You are working with children, tutors, hiring venues and as such you want to make sure your business is compliant.


Before you even commence trading you will be: DSL Level 3 trained, First Aid Trained, DBSd and complete the HO Safeguarding training.

You will be trained in how to safer recruitment for your tutors. We centrally hold the training programmes and tutor handbooks that your tutors will mandatory have to complete before they set foot in one of your venues.

You will have access to a wealth of policy documentation that supports the latest KCSIE legislation.

Your business software, used by the whole of your team has a safeguarding report at the end of every session as standard. 

You are completely compliant, Conexus Tuition is audited by the DFE from a safeguarding point of you as a NTP Tuition Partner.

Legal documents, contracts and compliance 

Documentation and terms and conditions are on our knowledge base for you. We have ratified with our legal team all the documentation you need to legally trade with your stakeholders.

You are buying the compliance which legally safeguards you as a business owner for contracts with: Parents, tutors, schools, venues.

We support you with your applications for; ICO registration (GDPR) the DBS (for you to DBS your teams.) We guide you through your business insurance.

Your Conexus Tuition like every other Conexus Tuition, is completely compliant with the latest legislation and you are safe to trade.

3. Marketing strategy marketing materials

The hours it can take to even choose the colour of your branding or design a logo to slow down the process of speed to market. Branding the business and understanding the key messaging that sits behind your business can take years to develop.

We have the Conexus Brand Arrow which is the brand strategy for your business.

You have access to branded marketing material and social media content that sits alongside your training at head office and will propel you into your launch phase.

4. A business and launch plan 

Alongside the modules of training that sit on our network support platform, Mighty Networks; you will come to our head office Rutherford House in Warrington for a 2/3 day training programme (We even pay for your hotel and have dinner with you in the evening) and leave with a launch plan.

Everything that needs to be prepared for you to go straight to market, has been done and considered by us over the last 10 years.

Which is why this franchise is perfect if you want to start trading whilst you are still in the classroom.

We rely upon teachers’ innate ability to plan, but we show you marketing planning, business planning, forecast planning and everything you need to be able to enter into the world of business secure in the knowledge that you know where you are heading.

5. Business acumen and a resilient mindset

We prepare you for an ‘induction year’ in business, your precarious first year and we help you through it.

Getting through the first year in business or indeed the fourth year of business and year in business-can be difficult and we do not want your business experience to be a lonely place.

You get ongoing support, help, guidance and a collaborative network in which you will develop a resilient business mindset.  That is why statistically franchises succeed where start-ups may fail.

6. Time, research and knowledge 

Our time, experience, knowledge and expertise is ploughed into a business model that is dependent upon your success.

It is often an overused statement, but a franchisor has done the hard yards and has made the mistakes.

At Conexus Tuition we have over 10 years experience and put in our time, knowledge and have done the research for what works and doesn’t work.

Why we believe the franchise model works

The financial health of the head office team, is reliant upon the financial health of the individual franchisee’s business.

Each month you pay an ongoing management service fee of 10% of your revenue.

It is in everybody’s best interest to ensure that that 10% of your revenue is the highest it can be, because that is what is ploughed back into our core business model to sustain the whole of the network.

Your success is our success.

I believe in the franchise model.

I believe the franchise model is perfect for a teacher who wants to remain with the financial security from the classroom and seesaw into business at a point when the risk is at its lowest financially.

I believe the franchise model lowers the risk of the start-up.

I believe the Conexus Tuition franchise model is the very best out there if you want to run your own Tuition business-but I would say that wouldn”t I!

We believe 8K investment initially is absolute value for money and a sensible investment for those who place security and safety at the very heart of what they are doing.

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