Saturday Morning Gratitudes by Sharon Cawley ~ CEO

I Can Always Find Time To Say Thank You

It is Saturday morning and I have had my breakfast in a beautiful café in Stockton Heath; been for a mooch in some charity shops and am planning going out tonight with school friends I’ve known since the 70s and 80s.(Burtonwood Catholic Club here we come!😂)

10 years ago, Saturday morning was the optimum time for me to be doing one-to-one tuition around the kitchen table, hoping that my own kids would be wanting a lie in.  That way, I could cram in as much tutoring as possible without feeling guilty.  Guilty that I wasn’t available for them.

I always felt like I was placating them with Del Boy-like platitudes “It will be worth it in the long run kids, and next year I’ll take you on holiday.”

I knew that as a sole trader, if I wanted to scale and create a business that would leverage my lifestyle for freedom, I had to restructure my offering.

I consolidated my client base, merged them into group tuition, after school in local venues. It wasn’t easy and it involved risk; I had to learn, on the hoof, how to build and run a business.

But I did it – I invested my money and my time and I built the very first Conexus Tuition 10 years ago.

I sit here this Saturday morning, in my own kitchen alone, (kids are up and out!) 10 years on and I reflect on the fact that Conexus Tuition is now recognised as:

A member of the BFA (British Franchise Association)

A Tuition Partner with the DfE on the National Tutoring Programme

A member of the CPD Certification Service 

Since Sept (in just over 20 school weeks) the network has delivered just shy of 70,000 hours of tuition to young people across the whole of England.

We have a network of franchisees who, as it happens, are free to do what they choose to do on a Saturday morning because their Conexus businesses are leveraging them a lifestyle they want.

I have moments of incredulity, and this morning has been a bit like that.

But all that to one side, I am satisfied with a haul of a butter dish and a gravy boat; I am settling down for the afternoon to watch some TV with a cream puff from Waterfields before I get my glad rags on for tonight! 

I am grateful for the opportunities I have and thankful for those who are a part of this wonderful business.

I look forward to the new business partners who can embark upon their journey with us.

Charity shop bargain hunters are welcome to apply!  

If you wish to receive our new prospectus and have a look at our offering, please send me a message on this page and I will put you on our mailing list.

Thank you 



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