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Saturday Morning Gratitudes by Sharon Cawley ~ CEO

I Can Always Find Time To Say Thank You It is Saturday morning and I have had my breakfast in a beautiful café in Stockton Heath; been for a mooch in some charity shops and am planning going out tonight with school friends I’ve known since the 70s and 80s.(Burtonwood Catholic Club here we come!😂) […]


How to transition from teacher to a freelance earner

The Bottom Line The idea of leaving teaching and becoming your own boss is often described as stepping off a cliff. If you think the floor will rise to meet you when you step off and the transition from a salary to a freelancer, lucrative income will be smooth and effortless – think again. You […]


Meet the Team at Rutherford House

Your Team, Your Tribe, Your Conexus Network Your team, tribe, network or even your gang is one of the most important aspects of your working life and surrounding yourself with the right people can make all the difference. “I always know when I am in the right room, because everybody around the table knows more […]


How Conexus Tuition can help your exit from the classroom

Don’t jump from one job to another – there is another way! One of the main reasons why people stay in a job that is making them fundamentally unhappy, even unwell, whether it be a classroom or an office, is financial fear. They hitch everything to a job, a profession, a regular wage. Thus in […]


Reflections by Sarah Fellows from Conexus Tuition Stourbridge

A Principal Director’s Reflections Today marks a full year since the launch of Conexus Tuition Stourbridge, my very own small business! I am genuinely excited about what the year ahead holds for us. After over twenty years working as a teacher, senior leader and primary maths advisor, I was ready for a new challenge. My […]


How long does it take from buying a Conexus Tuition franchise to actually leaving in the classroom?

The Journey from Classroom to Boardroom When teachers or TAs look to a franchise as a means of starting out as an entrepreneur, striking out into the world of business but with the safety net of an experienced support team, the two headings under which most of their initial questions sit are these topic headings: […]

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