Meet the Team at Rutherford House

Your Team, Your Tribe, Your Conexus Network

Your team, tribe, network or even your gang is one of the most important aspects of your working life and surrounding yourself with the right people can make all the difference.

“I always know when I am in the right room, because everybody around the table knows more than me and  that is the room you want to be placed in.” Sharon Cawley

I have been at the helm with Conexus Tuition since 2013, and always prided myself and the ability to ‘field a good side.’

Whilst we have an extended team, I would like to introduce you to the tribe based at Rutherford House in Birchwood. These are the core team responsible for the development, support of our entire network franchisees. It is our job to help and support your business, and that is the power of franchising - my team is your team.

I try to capture on the Conexus Tuition Franchising Facebook Page the ethos and ethics but for clarity, this is the team based at Rutherford House and who we all are …

Sharon Cawley - Chief Executive Officer

I am an English teacher by trade and began teaching in 1994, I rose in the ranks to Head of Year and despite loving my time within the classroom,I  knew that it was no longer the job for me.

I started Conexus Tuition in 2013, and have taken the greatest amount of pride in all of our achievements: NTP provider with the DfE, British Franchise Association (BFA) approved and CPD member of the CPD Certification Service.

I am as proud of my skills within the business sector; my business acumen, and my ability to help grow successful tuition businesses as I am as my role as a tutor within the business.

The love of education never leaves you and it remains an honour to serve the young people of the UK.

Sarah Dunwood - Chief Operations Officer

I have enjoyed 25 years in mainstream secondary education as a  Business, IT and Economics teacher with 16 years as a senior leader. (Assistant Head and SENCO, then Deputy Head)

Sharon and I met at a networking meeting in November 2019 - I was just venturing into the world of business, trying to find my way; Sharon persisted with me, despite the fact that I was so out of my comfort zone, I couldn't really speak!

I love my role at Conexus. Our team and our network are, without doubt, the most supportive and collaborative group of people I have ever worked with. I'm valued and trusted and my voice matters. The impact of that, for me, is immeasurable.

Wes Morrison – Chief Information Officer and Principal Director of Conexus Tuition Kings Heath

I taught and examined secondary English for the best part of a decade in some of the country’s most deprived boroughs, progressing to 2iC, Head of Curriculum & Data and latterly a university lecturer supervising trainee teachers on a variety of Initial Teacher Training pathways.

I met Sharon after coming across the “Life After Teaching” community group and hearing her talk about the power of tuition and the opportunities Conexus Tuition opened up to teachers looking to utilise their skills outside the classroom.

I love my role at Conexus Tuition as it challenges me to think strategically about how we leverage technology and data to drive the growth of our network – the more we grow as a network, the more hours of tuition we can deliver. That is a life changing metric. 

For the children who receive tuition, it builds confidence and opens opportunities they thought impossible. For the Principal Directors and tutors delivering tuition, it empowers them to fulfill their purpose outside of the classroom and build a stable income from tuition. 

Elise Waldman - Business Administration and Support 

For 21 years, I was a primary teacher in mainstream and SEND education. I’ve had the privilege of working internationally in the Czech Republic, Italy, South Korea, all of which filled me with joy. I met Sharon through the Life After Teaching Facebook group and from there applied for my position within the Head Office at Conexus.

My role is to support franchisees across a whole range of needs; predominantly the financial aspect of the business, but I take great pleasure in organising social events, our conferences, and all the good stuff! 

Nancy Lake  Head Office Principal Director and Franchisee Development

I was a Primary teacher for 27 years, Subject Lead for numerous subjects including English, Geography, Science and MFL, and I was Assistant Head for one year before I took a short break from teaching.

I first ‘met’ Sharon through the Life After Teaching page which led to me supporting one of Conexus Tuition’s Principal Directors. I met Sharon in person for the first time at Rutherford House, was then invited to join the Head Office team, and here I am!

Why do I love my job with Conexus? Because I have a hybrid role which is varied, busy, creative and I know I am still making a difference to young people up and down the country. It’s such a supportive, positive, often hilarious and always motivating network. Lucky me!

Lisa Ward Head Office Principal Director and Franchisee Development

I was a Primary teacher for 10 years, and for most of them, desperately seeking an escape from the confinements of the classroom and the never ending 'to do list' that I never had time to do! I met Sharon on a planned night out in Warrington, filled with teachers from the LAT group, looking for a way out. I was lost, numb and feeling hopeless which Sharon noticed and took me under her wing at Conexus Tuition Head Office.I never thought I would have a 9-5 job behind a screen (now 3 screens!) but I would never look back! I am eternally grateful to be working with ex teachers who know how to treat each other and support each other as a team. I LOVE my role and have learnt more in the last 6 months than I did after 10 years of teaching...I am thanked and praised for my efforts and I am finally finding ME again.

James Masterson - IT Operational Support

Whilst not claiming to have ever taught within a classroom, I have the ‘privilege’ of being Sarah Dunwood’s son (the son of a very busy teacher), and now the partner of a primary school teacher, so it would be fair to say that my life has been heavily influenced by the power of education.

I love working for Conexus and supporting the franchisees in the greater network, but more importantly, this allows me the flexibility to continue with my own education, studying for my masters. I still get a great deal of pleasure from helping the ‘older generation’ with software based packages to support and enhance their individual businesses.

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